Thursday, 31 December 2015

Delta68's Caching Year in Review - 2015

Delta68's Caching Year in Review - 2015

This brings us to the end of yet another action packed year of caching.

We did a few short trips for Mega and Giga events but the most significant trip was our trip to the US

(see this blog) and Mark's insane trip to Seattle for the last ever Block Party blog)

Miscellaneous stats /achievements:
Once again we concentrated on 'rare' caches and in 2015 we found:
  • 261 Wherigos
  • 18 Webcams
  • 68 Virtuals
  • 185 Lab Caches
  • 13 CITO events
  • 7 Mega Events
  • 2 Giga Events
  • 1 ‘Maze’ Exhibit
  • 1 HQ
  • 1 Block Party
  • and 3 benchmarks!

'Hi' - Ontario, Cananda

Two new countries: USA, Canada
Lego - einer ist zuviel

Also re-visited Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg and The Netherlands

16 US States!

New Furthest West
Kerry Viewpoint Park GC62C8 United States

New furthest distance: Jimi Hendrix Memorial, GC1A1EP United States

Finally completed the Jasmer Challenge!

YAY Jasmer Challenge all done!

Three new cache types: Benchmark, Geocaching HeadquartersHQ Blockparty

Hosted 1 event: 'Hi!' in Canada GC5ZY7E

A Happy New Year to everyone!

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