Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bomber Command & Meretown Meander

The World Famous Bolas Heath :-)
Stopped off to do a couple of caches in Bolas Heath on the way.  We parked on the verge to do The Bolas Heathens have been Frogged and then walked up to What the Heck.  We were hoping to have a chat with The Bolas Heathens and made sure we made plenty of noise but there was no sign of them being at home and think that as it was Saturday John and Isaac had probably gone out caching, oh well we're sure it won't be long before we're bumping into them again.

Bomber Command

Telephone Exchange

We had been wanting to do this cache ever since it was published, we had planned a trip to the area today and decided to join our caching friend G6LPB to do this one today.

The cache is located at RAF Tilstock 3 miles south of Whitchurch, Shropshire, amongst the derelict buildings of a disused army base which have had various uses throughout the 20th Century.  You can read more here.

Interestingly one of the nissen huts contains the remains of vintage car which on research when we got home appears to have been a Sunbeam Talbot 90.

Possibly an old Sunbeam Talbot 90
We love doing caches at places of historical interest and thoroughly enjoyed exploring around the old army base and going in and out the old buildings, great fun and highly recommended!

Meretown Meander
23 caches
7 mile circular walk

Next we headed off to do the Meretown Meander.  We'd planned it as an afternoon walk as we thought it was only 6km as stated in the cache listing but once we arrived at the parking and had a closer look at the map we realised it was more like 6-7 miles!

We set off in the drizzle and soon came to heavy marshland, managed to find our way around it without getting our feet too wet.

Then it was into cow territory, also part of the route seemed to differ from the footpaths shown on our OS mapping and was taking us across game keeper stiles and onto private land.  When we arrived at #6 we could see very boisterous cows racing around in the field so as we have two Labradors we decided to go our separate ways, Mark continued the walk alone and I took a safer route back to the car with Pegz and the dogs.  Just as we got to the church we spotted a couple of familiar faces, it was the Stag Ramblers, they'd just completed the walk and confirmed it had been just under 7 miles .   We enjoyed a nice chat then went our separate ways.

We had planned to do more caching in the area but cut the day short as the rain had well and truly set in.  When we arrived back home it looked like there hadn't been any rain at all!

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