Monday, 31 December 2018

Year in Review -2018

GC35: Power Island
Well, yet another year draws to a close.  We've been on some amazing adventures, it's been fun looking back on all the exciting trips to write our Year in Review.

We travelled quite a bit this year.
Our first trip of the year was a hectic, fast-paced trip to Portugal and NW Spain in March which netted us 400 or so Wherigos.
Our 1000th Wherigo find

In May Mark nipped over to Norway to attend a Mega and find some more Wherigo Geo-art.

Someone call Health and Safety!

A week later we attended Geowoodstock which was the USA's first Giga Event.

While 'in the area' we also completed the Jasmer grid for a second time. This required a fair bit of driving and a trip on a power-boat but wasn't too bad as we only needed three more caches.

Completing for a third or fourth time would require a LOT of travelling so we won't be doing that anytime soon.

In July we attended a Mega Event in Austria but decided to do a bit of a road trip and include Slovenia as well.

The following weekend we headed over to Dunkirk for the Geonord Mega Event.
With our friend Arnokovic

At the end of July we attended Piratemania and then the UK Mega the following weekend.

The Yorkshire UK Mega was the 10th Anniversary Mega Event and we were awarded a special trackable for being one of only 15 teams to have attended all 11 'UK Mega' mega events.

Towards the end of August we flew to Krakow, Poland where we attended a Mega Event before visiting Auschwitz, driving to Warsaw and then flying home from there.

At the end of September we flew out to Malaga and travelled down Gibraltar via Ronda where we enjoyed a few days there before travelling back up to Malaga.

Referendum Steps - Gibraltar

Winter Geolymix was our 7th and final Mega event of the year.

We have made a few videos of our trips and put them on our YouTube Channel, we hope to add more when we have time to edit and upload them so hit subscribe if you'd like to see updates.

This years' new geocaching milestones etc:

No new furthest caches this year.

New Countries:

New cache types in previously visited countries:

Austria: Mega Event, Event, CITO, Webcam, Virtual, Lab Caches, Wherigo, Letterbox and GPS Exhibit

USA: Giga Event, CITO
France: CITO

'Rare' cache types logged in 2018:
566 Wherigos
11 Webcams
95 Virtuals
150 Lab Caches
7 Mega Events
1 Giga Event
1 ‘Maze’ Exhibit

So, what for 2019?
Well, with the UK Mega being up near Aberdeen, we will probably make a longer trip of it, we have a few ideas but nothing set in stone yet - in the campervan of course.. then there's all those new Virtuals to do... and maybe finally finish the Little Quest... we hope to have some really big news (for us) in a few weeks so stay tuned folks.

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