Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday Night Caching

Vehicle Letterbox Series

Caches - 12
Length of Walk - 3.7 miles

A series of 11 caches plus a multi to complete on the way round.  Set on a 3.7 mile circular walk near the village of Shelfield in Warwickshire.

This series came up when I was at work today so as it was such a lovely evening we decided we'd go for a stroll after tea as it's only a couple of miles from home.

Parked up on the verge at the suggested parking just after 7pm and off we went.  On the way to #1 we could hear a stampede of sheep the other side of the hedge, they ran to the gap in the hedge and stood at the fence baaaa-ing away at us, then proceeded to follow us along the fence until we were out of sight.

The noisiest sheep we've ever heard!

On the way round we found the stages of the Round Trig multi, this reminded us a little of a couple of multis we did some years ago called Round the Old Mill and A Play on Words, at the time Round the Old Mill was a stand alone multi and extremely enjoyable completing all the puzzles along the route, we really like this sort of thing and appreciate the effort that has gone into setting it up.

Between #6 and #7 there were cows, they were very inquisitive and came running over when we entered the field, they were young bullocks so we weren't overly concerned, we just kept on walking and Mark did a brilliant job of shooing them away


All the caches were easy to find with good hints and a really good variety of hides and sizes. Apart from the cows the walk seemed completely dog friendly and all the paths were well marked, some very muddy in places but nothing too serious.  The walk took us just over 1¾ hours but we took our time and it would probably be possible to do it much quicker.

Well marked path

The walk was extremely peaceful and a fantastic way to wind down at the end of a busy day, could do with this every evening

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