Saturday, 26 May 2012

Cyclo- caching again.

'Winged Seat' by Angus Ross

Geolympix Cyclerama

Our original plan for today involved climbing a mountain but the Met office forecast was for 50mph gale force winds so we had to shelve those plans and decided to stay on lower ground.  This series was recommended to us by Ginkgo, a cacher we met whilst out caching a few weeks ago, as soon as we heard about it we decided we'd put it to the top of the must-do list as we love caching by bike.

The Geolympix Cyclerama is a series of caches by Simply Paul set along the Phoenix Trail, a 7 mile footpath/cycleway.

The trail largely follows the route of a disused railway line, which connected Princes Risborough in Buckinghamshire and Thame in South Oxfordshire with the city of Oxford. The line through Thame remained open until 1991 to serve an oil depot based in the town. It was subsequently purchased by Sustrans and converted into a cycle/pedestrian route.  The route is flat and mostly tarmac with just a short section  limestone dust.  The entire route is off-road apart from 2 places where you need to cross a road, one quite busy but has a toucan crossing and the other just a quiet lane.

These three copper figures were our favourite

As well as being an excellent cycle ride there were some really interesting pieces of artwork dotted along the route, this really added to the fun of the series.

Cute creature

One of the cache listings mentioned we'd pass Jay Kay from Jamiroquai's house so we looked out for it on the way, would've been nice if we could've popped in to look at his car collection but maybe another day

Jay Kay's House

The caches were all well hidden and a couple a little too well hidden   We stopped to find all the caches on the way which meant we could just cycle the whole way back, only stopping for the bonuses on the way back.
The Phoenix Trail

Whilst searching for the bonus cache we came across another cache that had been hidden nearby and were very surprised to be FTF on it, doesn't look like it will ever get published as it's very close to another cache but we signed the log just in case and moved the trackable on.  We went off to find the Bonus Bonus and met another cacher WarriorMonk105 who was already searching for the cache enjoyiing a chat before going our separate ways.

We thoroughly enjoyed the series and were very lucky with the weather as the sun shone all day.

Finding Old Caches

We are very keen on finding old caches and we're gradually working our way through the UK's oldest ones.  The next oldest we needed to find was Entology (Herts) GC164F the UK's 12th oldest active cache so while in the area we took the opportunity to find this one and two other caches set in 2001.

A really great day out, shame it had to come to an end, the sun shone all day, just hope we get a few more days like this over the summer.

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