Saturday, 21 April 2012

Macmillan & Midshires Meander

Macmillan and Midshires Meander

Little Brington Spire

No. of Caches 35 + 8
Length of Walk - 7.2 miles

The Macmillan Way and Midshires Way are long distance footpaths that meet to form a cross in Northamptonshire.  This series makes a figure of eight walk using this cross.

Saw this series published earlier in the week so we added it to the to-do list as it looked like it would be a good walk.  We hadn't planned any caching today as we had other commitments later on but we were able to make an early start so decided to do the series this morning.

No problem crossing the puddle
We parked near St Brington Spire and were puzzled as to why there only seemed to be a tower when there was a church marked on the map, all was revealed when we read the interesting history on the cache page.

We'd left our dogs at home so weren't too worried about meeting cows but as we approached #5 we saw there was a field with cows of all sizes so calmly opened the gate and walked through the field sticking to the edge making sure not to get between a cow and her calves, all was going well, we found #5 and continued to #6, found that one keeping one eye on our exit points then as we walked across towards #7 and the gate to freedom we spotted a jogger coming towards us wearing a hi-viz jacket, the cows went absolutely berserk (gotta keep this family friendly ) and we had to leg it to the gate, the cows chased the jogger and he took evasive action and leapt over the fence into the adjoining field!........

Then the rest of the walk was much more relaxed.  When we got to #20 we met Gingko and continued to the end of the series together, enjoyed the company it's always good to meet other cachers out and about.

I was very pleased to bag a trigpoint en route!

Really enjoyed the walk, all caches were fairly easy to find but all were very well camoed so some were quite tricky to spot.

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