Saturday, 7 April 2012

Coventry Canal

Children Playing Sculpture
Coventry Canal Series
Caches - 30
Distance - 6 mile linear trail

The forecast was for cloud/rain again today so we scrapped our original plans and decided at the spur of the moment to throw our bikes into the car and head over to Coventry to cycle the new series along the canal.  We love caching by bike and this series looked perfect.

The caches are set along a section of the Coventry Canal.  The Coventry Canal starts in Coventry and ends 38 miles north at Fradley Junction just north of Lichfield.

Stone Sofa by Tim Shutter
We parked up in the small car park near Coventry Canal - Exall Basin and off we went. All the caches were fairly straightforward to find but were made difficult by muggle traffic but this is the beauty of a linear series, you can always pick up the ones you miss on the way back.

As was expected, as it's an urban canal, there was a lot of litter around, which got progressively worse as we got nearer the city centre, it's always quite shocking just how bad the litter problem can be around cities.

Perch Seats

On the return leg we bumped into other cachers, The Als, StormyStorm, Butttercup and Munchtime.

All in all a very enjoyable series with some interesting historical architecture and unusual sculptures and artwork along the canal to look out for, you can see the full list of what to see here ........ and the rain held off until we were about 1 mile from the car .

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