Monday, 3 October 2011

Castlemorton Common

Castlemorton Common

11 caches on a 5.3 mile walk

Temperatures reached 29 degrees in some areas yesterday and the forecast was excellent again for today so we were looking for a nice walk to take our dogs on this afternoon with not too many hills.  We spotted some caches around Castlemorton Common and it looked like they would fit the bill perfectly.  We parked just off the road about ¼ mile from Castlemorton Common's Cunning Caches 6 .  We were very surprised to be FTF on this one as the series has been out for about 6 weeks but looks like this one has had a few teething troubles and has had to be moved.  This meant we had found our FTF for October - we try to get at least one FTF a month, we are now on 40 consecutive months with a FTF.  From #6 we headed up the hill to Stephies Hollow which was quite a slog in the heat but luckily the only hill we had to climb during the walk.  At CCCC #4 we met cachers Treacles Trio and Wonder Webbs, enjoyed a geo chat before going our separate ways.  Always good to meet other cachers out on the hunt.

Cattle graze freely on the common

The common is a working common and cattle and sheep are allowed to graze freely.  The cows weren't any trouble at all, we kept our distance from them and gave them a wide berth as we had our dogs with us.

Poppy & Whisper having a rest in the shade

A thoroughly enjoyable walk which we completed in under 4 hours.  This included stopping and talking to other cachers and having a picnic half way round and stopping many times for water breaks because of the heat.

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