Friday, 28 October 2011

Alphabet Soup


Series of 26 traditional caches set on a 9½ mile circular walk around Darley Dale in Derbyshire.

Some of our friends had done this series recently and recommended it to us, when we looked at 'A' and saw that it had over 100 favourite points we knew it must be worth checking out and plans were made to fit it in this week.  We visited the Peak District on Tuesday to do the Little Britain series and after checking weather reports decided to make a return journey to the area today.  Set off from home in thick fog at 06:45 and arrived at 08:50, still foggy but the weather forecast was for sun later so we weren't too concerned.

Great views.... of the fog :-)

The route meanders through fields, woodland and along country lanes.  Some of the paths were quite slippery due to recent rainfall and the leaf litter on the rocks.  Also some sections of the route were extremely steep up and down and at times wondered if we were taking the correct path but there were useful route instructions on the cache listings which were very helpful.

Essential caching snacks

We can't say too much about the individual caches but suffice to say a lot of thought and effort has gone into setting up the series, they are all fairly easy finds but some of them required a bit more thought to actually get to sign the log book.  Our favourites in the series were A, Q, P & J. 

Fab views

The sun came out about 11:00 and we were treated to some stunning views and gorgeous autumn colours.  We completed the walk in just under 5½ hours, this included stopping for a picnic lunch for about 15 minutes.

All in all a highly recommended series that we thoroughly enjoyed.

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