Monday, 19 September 2011

Our 8000th and a walk around Dudmaston Hall

28 + 2 caches on a 6 mile circular walk

Curly Tree

We had been keeping an eye on the weather forecast all week as we were hoping to go to the Brecon Beacons but they had forecast rain for that area so we decided to postpone our trip (again) and hopefully before the winter sets in we can take a walk up PenyFan.

So today we took a trip to Bridgenorth for a 6 mile walk on the paths around Quatt , an area that we have walked previously on caching trips and close to Dudmaston Hall.  We parked at the free National Trust car park to start the walk and where there is also a cache Dudmaston Parking.

Our 8000th Cache!

We soon came to the first cache, J MCENROE which was rated as 4½/4½ , Mark had packed some specialist equipment but it would seem that maybe the cache has moved as it was much easier to retrieve than expected so specialist equipment was not actually needed.  Then on with the walk.

An enjoyable walk with great views along good footpaths.  We stopped part way round near the ferry at Hampton Loade which was running today and quite busy.  We realised that the cache was in a perfect location to sit and have our lunch whilst we signed the log book.  We'd just finished our lunch and were about to set off again when we were joined by our geo-friend Harry The Furry Squid, so we joined forces for the rest of the walk and enjoyed catching up on news.  The rain held off for the walk and we were soon back at the car park. Including a lunch stop, we completed in a little under 4 hours.  All the caches were easy to find and were a good mix of hides and sizes.  There were only 2 fields with cows but they were no trouble at all.

Before returning home we headed off to Comer Wood to find some of the Arboreal Advenures caches, which are really great fun if you like tree climbing (luckily Mark does), we only had time for 2 of them so we will return another day to complete the rest.  The caches are set in beautiful woodland and it was a pleasure to return to this area.

Then it was time to head home, we timed it just right as the heavens opened and it chucked it down as soon as we got back to the car.


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