Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Jam Trail


The Jam Trail is a series of 10 caches plus a bonus on a 3.7 mile circular walk set in the countryside near Combrook, a small village a few miles South East of Stratford-upon-Avon.

We hadn't planned to go caching today but then this new series popped up last night and as we had to take our son to work for 7am in Stratford we decided as it was so close we'd have an early morning caching trip.

Parked up near the church in Combrook and set off on the walk.  A thoroughly enjoyable walk, all caches were fairly easy to find, the walk was along very well marked paths and we completed the walk in a little over 2 hours.  We had collected up all the bonus info on the way round so it was just a case of doing the sums and going off for the final.  The walk to the bonus involved walking up a public footpath which went along a private driveway which some people might not like but it wasn't a problem and the final cache was found in a very peaceful location which we were very surprised to be first on as we knew that Big Batch had been out last night and done the rest of the caches.  We were very lucky with the weather too, sunshine all the way round and the rain held off until we got home.

Great use for an old tyre

More often than not now we leave our dogs at home as it's getting too difficult to lift them over dog proof stiles and we worry about coming across fields of cattle especially in the summer months so unless the cache page specifically mentions that it's dog friendly we don't risk it.  As it happens this series would've been ideal for them, there were no dog-proof stiles as far as we can remember and the only livestock we came across were sheep and it's a pity there weren't any attributes on the page.....but we didn't let on to them when we got back that we'd been out caching without them

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