Sunday, 14 August 2011

Back to Wiltshire

Our second trip to Wiltshire this week, this time to do Stan's Sausage Series.  A series of 35 caches set on a 7 mile figure of 8 walk.

On the trail
 An enjoyable walk not far from the town of Melksham.  All caches were fairly easy to find with a nice variety of sizes and all with good hints.  Some of the walk will take you through cow fields, we didn't have any problem with them until we came to the last field, it was very narrow and there were no 'escape' routes and as we approached they got very frisky running around so we decided to walk in the adjacent ploughed field, tough going but better than risking it through the cows.  All in all a very good walk.  At the end of the walk we returned to the car to boil the kettle for a cuppa and we were soon joined by cachers Teds Team and 2Blues, it's always good to meet other cachers when out and about.

Stan's Sausage Series

The second walk of the day took us to Malmesbury, to do a short series:

Malmesbury Southern Circular
A series of 10 caches set on a 2 mile circular walk.
Malmesbury Abbey

A thoroughly enjoyable series, great views of Malmesbury Abbey all the way round and all caches were easy to find with great hints.  Malmesbury is a very pretty little Cotswold town and we took the opportunity to have a wander round and a closer look of the abbey before taking in the last few caches and heading back to the car.

We've had so much fun this week and have been so lucky with the weather, it's been dry and sunny.  We've been out caching most days mainly on foot but also by bike, we've attended an event, visited Peterborough, Wiltshire and Telford  and found 344 caches.... phew!

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