Monday, 16 December 2019

York & Hull Weekend

Just one day holiday left to use up before the end of the year so we decided to have a long weekend over in York and Hull to do the lab caches. Originally we'd planned a walk in the Lakes but the weather was looking to be very wet and cold all weekend and the forecast in the North East was for cold but sunny.
Friday afternoon we headed towards York stopping off in Skipton to do the new lab caches there.

It rained heavily all evening but the lab caches took us an enjoyable walk along up and down high street and it all looked very festive.

Apparently Skipton is on the list of 'Happiest Places to Live in the UK'.

The following morning we stopped off at the 'Finest View in England'.  Author and vet James Herriot gave the view from Sutton Bank the title of 'England's finest'.

It certainly was an impressive view.  It was really windy though so we walked for about a mile then returned to the van as it started to snow.

Don't get too close to the edge!  So windy!
It was just a short flurry of snow and thankfully didn't settle.

White Horse of Kilburn
Next stop was at the White Horse of Kilburn to find a cache from February 2002.  It's a bit hard to make out the shape of the horse from close up but the figure is 318 feet long by 220 ft high and covers about 1.6 acres and said to be the largest and most northerly hill figure in England.

There was quite a few steps to climb to reach the top which certainly warmed us up.

On the way to York we stopped off at another couple of old caches.

We'd decided it would be best to arrive in York late afternoon, thinking that we'd miss the worst of the Christmas shopping crowds - wrongo!  It was chaos.  We attempted a couple of the lab caches and the virtual before deciding to call it off and return early the following morning.

This was a much better idea, it was really quiet on Sunday morning and a lot more relaxed wondering around the streets of York.

We've visited York a few times since we moved to the North West 3½ years ago but we haven't walked around the city walls since 2011 - we were on a family holiday on our way to Scotland.

Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate is the shortest street in York.  It was first recorded in 1505 as Whitnourwhatnourgate which according to the sign next to it means 'What a street'.

After spending a long day in York we headed towards Hull ready for an early start doing the lab caches before heading home.

Unusual 'submarine' style canal boat spotted in Beverley.

First stop: Bankside Gallery.

In 2018 a Banksy mural appeared on the old Scott Street Bridge in Hull, it would have been really great to see it but sadly it was removed a couple of months ago ahead of planned demolition of the bridge.  You can the mural see it here

I'm not 100% sure but I think the mural is set to return at some point in the future and it has simply been put into secure storage for now.

This is the bridge without the artwork.

After the popularity of the Banksy mural, Hull City Council met with street artists and spoke with local businesses to see if they were prepared to contribute space to a new 'urban gallery' in the area.  Bankside Gallery is now an area of 'permission walls'.

We were last at Hull marina in December 2013 to do the virtual there so it was nice to come back to explore the area a bit more.  The lab caches were a great way to see more of the area.

Spurn Lightship

The Spurn Lightship was built in 1927 and served for 48 years as a navigation aid in the approaches of the Humber Estuary, where it was stationed 4 1⁄2 miles east of Spurn Point.

Cream Telephone Boxes

Since 2007 Hull is the only city in the UK to have kept an independent municipal telephone network provider which will explain why it has distinctive cream phone boxes and the residents also received the White Pages telephone directory as opposed to the Yellow Pages.

The Land of Green Ginger is a narrow street in the old town area of Kingston upon Hull. The Land of Green Ginger contains what may be the world's smallest window, being a slit which was used by the gatekeeper of the George Hotel to look out for stagecoaches and customers.

World's Smallest Window

Hull Tidal Barrier
 Since 1980, the mouth of the river has been protected by a tidal barrier at the estuary, which can be closed to prevent tidal surges entering the river system and causing flooding upriver.

Scale Lane Swing Bridge

This innovative swing bridge over the River Hull is believed to be the first bridge in the world that allows pedestrians the unique experience of riding on it while it opens.  The structure can carry up to 1,000 people while opening and up to 4,000 people when closed.

Well that's all we had time for before heading home.

Hope you've enjoyed reading.

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