Monday, 21 January 2019

A lovely start to the year

I mentioned in our End of Year Review that we had some big news coming up.  Well I say 'big news' it's certainly big for us and life changing.  We have a new puppy!

A gorgeous black lab called Charlie.

We were both heartbroken after losing Poppy and Whisper, quite close together, nearly 5 years ago, it took a long time before we decided we would like another dog.

Whisper and Poppy 💖

Every time we considered getting another one there was always a reason why we couldn't, job changes, house move etc... early last year we decided that the time was right but as we had a few big trips planned and other commitments we knew it wouldn't be possible so we decided to start the search towards the end of 2018.  Finding the right breeder proved much more difficult than I'd first imagined.  Eventually we found the right breeder and we visited the litter in early January and Charlie was ready to come home last weekend. 

Gorgeous pups at 6 weeks old

On the morning we were due to fetch him the forecast was for snow and we had to travel to a remote village in North Yorkshire to pick him up.  Luckily the roads were passable and we were able to bring him home.

I'd forgotten just how much hard work a new puppy is but he's such a good boy and I love him to bits already and can't wait to start taking him out caching and for walks on the moors.

8 weeks old

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