Saturday, 11 January 2014

A Wherigo Day near Bristol

Frampton Windmill

The main plan for today was to do 2 Wherigos and a virtual near Bristol.  Frampton Windmill was published only a few days ago and Snakes had been disabled for quite some time and was recently re-enabled.
Look at all those lovely sun symbols!
The forecast was for sun all day so we were really looking forward to a day without rain for a change.

Frampton Windmill involved a walk around Frampton helping to rebuild the sails for the old windmill.  I played the wherigo on my iPhone as my new Oregon 650 doesn't have the ability to play them, Mark played using his Oregon 550 and Samsung Galaxy S4 but by the time we reached the recreation ground Mark's Samsung decided it didn't want to play any more.  All worked perfectly from then on with the remaining equipment.  A really enjoyable Wherigo which took us just under 1½ hours to complete which included a couple of detours.  With the natty little temperature widget for my Oregon we noted that it was 5°C although felt much colder.

Next stop was a placed called Keynsham, just SE of Bristol to do Snakes.  This Wherigo had been disabled since June due to work being carried out in the in area.  This was re-enabled this week so we thought we'd take this one in whilst in the area.

This Wherigo would only work on the Oregon 550, it took us a little while to get to grips with what we were doing but the idea is that you avoid being bitten by the Snakes in the forest.  The snakes are moving all the time which is possibly why it won't run on smartphones due to the moving zones.  Anyway, at one point we had to return to the beginning but armed with new information gleaned from the description we were better equipped to fight the beastly snakes and eventually found our way to the end.  A thoroughly enjoyable Wherigo with a fairly unique puzzle aspect to it.

The next stop before heading home was the virtual at Stanton Drew Stone Circle.  Stanton Drew is the 2nd largest stone circle in the UK, the largest being Avebury.  A much quieter location here than Avebury.

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