Saturday, 28 July 2012

Poshrule's Birthday Bash

A Posh Birthday Bash in Yaxley

A Posh Birthday Cake
We knew this event was coming up but weren't sure we'd be able to attend as we had to see our daughter off on Explorer Scout Camp mid-morning.  We decided to make the effort as we've enjoyed so many of Poshrule's great walks over the past 18 months and it would be good to wish him a 'Happy Birthday'.

We arrived in time to enjoy some pub grub in the beer garden and a chat with other cachers then we set off with Pfaffabouters, LGXKLS, Matt Smith, Rascal Dascals and Lorri-Ann & Kev to do the Tour de Brick Pits series. At the end of the walk one of the team found a car key in the grass and realised it remotely unlocked one of the cars parked nearby, a few dog walkers had passed us so Mark went running back in the sweltering heat to see if he could find the owner, luckily he did and the owner was very pleased.  Really enjoyed the series in great company.

Then it was back to the pub for another drink and a chat.  We'd planned to do the nearby Yaxley series but we'd run out of time so instead we did the slightly shorter Folksworth Foray, a fabulous walk in the gorgeous early evening sunshine then it was time to head home.  Great to finally to do some caching in the long awaited sunshine, let's hope there's more of this to come

Sorry this is so short and sweet and not up to the usual standard but....................

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