Friday, 3 February 2012

Animal Letterbox Series

ALS - Animal Letterbox Series 

The Animal Letterbox Series is a series of 14 Letterbox Hybrid Caches which are placed in two different locations.  The first half starts at  ALS 1 and the second half starts at ALS 8.  After finding all 14 caches and noting down all the necessary information you will be able to work out the final co-ordinates for the bonus The first half takes you on a 2½ mile walk, starting from the church at Bradley Green, a small village not far from Redditch and the second half is a short walk a little over 1½ miles around Haselor which is about 1 mile east of Alcester.

St John the Baptist Church - Bradley Green

Parked at the church and off we went.  We remember the location from a cache we did back in October 2007 called Bradley's cache which was archived some time ago.  

A lovely sunny afternoon for a walk.  On the three previous occasions we've walked through this field we've had to encounter cows and mud but no problems at all today as the ground was frozen solid and there were no cows to be seen anywhere.

Poppy making friends with the horses

We took Poppy and Whisper with us but we had to lift them over at least 2 stiles so wouldn't recommend so not particularly dog friendly.  The only animals we encountered were some very nosey sheep and three very inquisitive horses.  All the caches were easy to find apart from one which we resorted to phoning a friend to see if we were looking in the right place, they confirmed we were so we kept on searching and we eventually located it.  It was fun collecting up the necessary bonus information, we completed the walk in just under 2 hours.  All we need now is to find the rest of the caches in Haselor....... fast forward to Sunday

Snowy walk

Parked up next to the stocks in Haselor village for a late afternoon walk.  We've had quite a bit of snow over the weekend so it was a bit tricky finding one of the caches as the hiding place was buried under snow but the rest of the caches were all easily found with useful hints.  We didn't have Poppy and Whisper with us this time as we'd already taken them on a 5 mile walk from home to Oversley wood and back in the morning so they were a bit too tired for another walk.  From what I can remember I'd say it was fairly dog friendly with maybe only one dog-proof stile.  No cattle on route either but in the summer months there are usually cows in the fields near the church.

On our way round we realised we'd be walking past a cache that we'd been FTF on back in 2007 but we felt sure it had been archived, curious to see if it was still there we had a look for it and lo and behold there it was..  It had moved from when we'd originally found it but it was still in great condition and as it was pretty much geo-litter now we decided to remove it.  Reading the log book was interesting as it seems that a muggle found the cache and took it home to show her family and then some time later returned it, then it was archived but muggles have continued to find and sign the log book after it was archived.  Also we were surprised to see that there was a TB in the cache so we were very pleased to be able to liberate it.  Here are the muggle logs:

Enjoyed the walk very much, collected up the rest of the bonus info then just as the sun was setting we were back at the car.  We completed the walk in just under an hour.  

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