Saturday, 28 January 2012

Caching in the Solihull Area

St Giles Church

We had to stay close to home/office this weekend due to Mark's work commitments so we decided to clear up some caches in the Solihull area, we had cleared the map not so long ago but every time we look more caches have popped up to find.

We noticed that we could make a circular walk of about 4 miles starting in Elmdon Heath and walking up the Grand Union Canal towards Olton then back along the edge of Olton golf course.

Enjoyed the walk on a chilly but sunny winter morning.  We didn't have much luck with the caches along the golf course, they were very overlooked and were at the end of gardens so quite tricky to search so I'm afraid we didn't give them too long and only found 1 out of the 4 Anyone for Golf caches.  For one of them we met fellow cachers Masmithma and joined forces to search but still no luck.

The funniest part of the walk was when we were heading towards Dovehouse, there were about a dozen teenagers all wearing pyjamas crossing over the road .... yes you did read it correctly ...... we could see they were heading towards the benches so we sat down quickly, otherwise we could see they would've been there for quite some time, luckily they were too busy discussing what they were going to eat for breakfast (@ 13:04!) and saying to each other how silly they felt to notice what we were doing so luckily no problem at all and the cache was located easily.  Lots of lovely food smells from the chippy and cafe but we resisted as our butties were waiting for us in the car [:D]

Then we still had a couple of hours spare so decided to do a short walk around Packwood Hall on our way home.  We parked in the car park of St Giles church to do four of Max's Favourite Walk caches.  Packwood Hall, next to the church, is surrounded by a moat and is the manor house of the parish.  It stands on the site of a 13th century monastery and is now privately owned. We have enjoyed many walks in this area and it was nice to be back, all the caches were easily found and the walk was extremely dog friendly.

Then it was time to head home as Poppy and Whisper were worn out 

Waiting patiently

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