Sunday, 18 December 2011

Coming of Age 3 Event

Group Photo

Coming of Age 3 by Superted

This was the third event in the Coming of Age series, they are called 'Coming of Age' for no other reason than that they are held on the 18th of the month, this month the 18th fell on a Sunday so the event was held outdoors and started at 9.30am.  A very frosty morning, so only for the really hardened cacher that doesn't mind an early Sunday start on a very cold day

The event was held in Newbold Comyn Park, Leamington Spa, a park we'd never been to before.  On arrival at the event we were met by a gathering of friendly cachers, some we knew some we hadn't yet got to know.  Superted was busy cooking up bacon butties for everyone and there were hot drinks and stollen to tuck into. 

After a mingle and chat the details for 8 new caches were handed out.  After entering all the co-ords into the Oregon we headed off with Dadu13 and soon found ourselves in a much larger group with many other cachers including Homer Trackers, Monki, Blue Nora, gaz_zippy, birder1951, Shanks Pony and along the way we were joined by many others.  I think we managed a couple of group FTFs and Dadu13 and Gaz_zippy found their 2000th caches!

The weather was very kind to us and we enjoyed a frosty walk in the sunshine picking up the new caches and an existing cache along the way.  Then after a couple of hours we were back at the car park and Superted was serving up delicious soup, which was lovely and warmed us up nicely, then just time for some more geo-chat before heading home as it was now raining quite hard.

A thoroughly enjoyable event, looking forward to the next one!

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