Thursday, 1 January 2015

Delta68's Caching Year in Review - 2014

Oldest Cache in Spain - Montserrat GC2D4
A Happy New Year to everyone!

This brings us to the end of yet another action packed year of caching.

We started the year wondering what to aim for as we had already completed as much as we could with regards to statistics grids.  Plans soon started to fall into place and we ended up doing more travelling this year than in previous years.

Leuven, Belgium

Here are some of the trips we did:

April - Belgium, Netherlands, Germany
May - Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany
May - Belgium
June - Portugal
July - Cornwall
July - Isle of Man
July/August - Scotland
August - Germany (Munich Giga)
October - Spain - Andorra

Here's a very quick summary of achievements for this year and a few pics:

New furthest cache found:  1105 Miles, The End of the World [Sagres] GC12CRJ Portugal

New most westerly: Weathering Heights - DP/EC17 GC1CEF9 Portugal

New most southerly: CAIS COMERCIAL GC53B5R Portugal

New highest:  Säntis der berg Switzerland

Once again we concentrated on 'rare' caches and in 2014 we found:

175 Wherigos
17 Webcams
23 Virtuals
85 Lab Caches
11 CITO events
9 Mega Events
and 1 Giga.
Marienplatz, Munich

We also attended more CITOs, more Events and found more Unknowns and EarthCaches than in any previous year

Removing Ivy - CITO - Portugal

Two new cache types: Giga Event, Lab Caches.

Six new countries: (Switzerland, Portugal, Austria, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Isle of Man).

We hosted 3 events:

Goedenavond - Eindhoven, Netherlands

Fastyr Mie - Douglas, Isle Of Man

Bona Tarda - Andorra

So there it is, we can't wait for our next adventure.........